Fix Your MT Road



Fix Your MT Road


This app would use a pull-down list of problems—including but not limited to damaged guard rail, damaged or missing signs/delineators, weeds on side of road, damaged or plugged culvert, pot-holes, etc.—and the user could send that to MDT, along with location and other information as needed.  This would be a GPS enabled app that would use the phone's location as coordinates for the problem and would send a notification to the appropriate maintenance chief and superintendents to address the problem.  If there were other issues other than damaged roads, the app would direct the user to the website to the contact Montana Department of Transportation(MDT) page. This app would allow maintenance to rapidly respond to road related issues by sending the information to the correct personnel with a precise location and would filter out non-maintenance requests. 


  • Users will fill out a form which will be submitted (via email) to MDT.  The form fields will be as follows:
    • Roadway/Highway (required, text)
    • Milepost (not required, text)
    • Description (not required, text)
    • Choice of issues found (required, pull-down list):
      • damaged guard rail
      • missing signs/delineators
      • weeds on side of road
      • damaged or plugged culvert
      • potholes
      • debris on highway
    • GPS Location: allow user to choose current location if using a device which has GPS enabled (optional)
    • Contact Name (required, text)
    • Contact Phone (required, text)
    • Contact Email (required, text)
  • The email will contain the following:
    • current date and time of the submission
    • all content from the form fields
    • the email subject will be 'Fix Your MDT Road - (Date/Time of Submission)'
    • the email will be sent to
  • When the user submits the form, they will be directed to a 'Thank you for your submission' page.