Sunrise/Sunset Application


Sunrise/Sunset Application


For hunters in Montana, the legal time of day to harvest an animal is an important safety regulation. Hunters across the state are subject to the requirement to not shoot until ½ hour before sunrise, and not shoot ½ hour after sunset based on where they are within four established zones. Montana counties are grouped together into these zones and a single time is published for each zone. Given the extensive size of the state, the actual sunrise/sunset time can vary widely even within a single zone, costing hunters time and opportunity. Currently, FWP publishes sunrise/sunset tables in its big game regulation publication for hunters use to ensure their hunts take place during legal shooting hours.


  • Hunters and fishermen will be able to use their current location to determine the following:
    •  which sunrise/sunset zone they are physically located
    •  The sunrise and sunset times for the day and the zone
  • Hunters and fishermen will be able to search for sunrise and sunset times based on the following search criteria
    • Zone (required, pull-down list of the four zones in Montana)
    • Date (required, calendar) 

Data Source:

This application will use the Socrata API to access this dataset for Sunrise and Sunset map layer and this dataset for the sunrise and sunset times per zone.