Montana Explorer



Montana Explorer


The Montana Explorer mobile app will let you explore the places, and moments that have shaped the state’s history.  It will be a digital source for reliable and fascinating information on Montana historical places and sites, bringing Montana history to your fingertips no matter where you go in the state.  This mobile app will serve as a valuable tool to disseminate historical content.  The Montana Explorer will also serve as a valuable tool to engage high school teachers and their students in researching and sharing their local history in a digital format.  Montana’s past will meet its future in The Montana Explorer


  • Citizens will be able to search by one of the following:
    • Text string
    • Current GPS location
    • City
  • The map would center around the location(s) matching the search results with clickable points.  The clickable points would present a flyout for the user to view more details about the point. Potential data would include Highway Markers, Name Places, and Wiki Data.

Data Sources

This application will use the Socrata API to access the following data sets: