Application Specs


Air Quality

Exposure to increased air pollution can cause a number of negative health impacts, particularly for our most vulnerable populations of children and elderly.  With real time polution information the public has the opportunity to make smart decisions regarding their activity and take an active role in protecting their health.   Montana has a difficult air quality landscape to navigate with wildfires making up the vast majority of significant air pollution events across the state.  Wildfires will almost certainly impact air quality in Montana each summer, yet are impossible to know where and when they will occur until the fires are ignited.  During these events it is critical the public make smart decisions to limit their exposure to dangerous pollution levels. More Details.


The Explore Montana.Gov application will make more accessible to the citizens or businesses of Montana.   Instead of being transferred from one call to another the customer would utilize Explore Motnana.Gov to access services by searching on a topic plus the city or county.  The app would also include a navigation tool to direct the customer to the location of the agency. If the search is unsuccessful, the app will give them the Captial Operator phone number and email address in which the customer could call to inquire about their search. More Details.

Fix Your MT Road

This app would use a pull-down list of problems—including but not limited to damaged guard rail, damaged or missing signs/delineators, weeds on side of road, damaged or plugged culvert, pot-holes, etc.—and the user could send that to MDT, along with location and other information as needed.  This would be a GPS enabled app that would use the phone's location as coordinates for the problem and would send a notification to the appropriate maintenance chief and superintendents to address the problem.  If there were other issues other than damaged roads, the app would direct the user to the website to the contact MDT page. This app would allow maintenance to rapidly respond to road related issues by sending the information to the correct personnel with a precise location and would filter out non-maintenance requests.  More Details.

Montana Explorer

The Montana Explorer mobile app will let you explore the places, and moments that have shaped the state’s history.  It will be a digital source for reliable and fascinating information on Montana historical places and sites, bringing Montana history to your fingertips no matter where you go in the state.  This mobile app will serve as a valuable tool to disseminate historical content.  The Montana Explorer will also serve as a valuable tool to engage high school teachers and their students in researching and sharing their local history in a digital format.  Montana’s past will meet its future in The Montana Explorer. More Details.

Montana Trails

The Montana Trails application would allow trail users to easily and readily identify trail and trailhead locations within the State of Montana.  The app would be developed so the device can determine the current user’s location and locate trails within 5, 10, 15 miles and so on.  The app would be in a map form, identifying the trail heads. On the trails app, citizens could zoom in to determine land ownership, trail use types, difficulty, seasonality, and contact information. Users could also have the ability to zoom in and determine the terrain of the trailMore Details.


For hunters in Montana, the legal time of day to harvest an animal is an important safety regulation. Hunters across the state are subject to the requirement to not shoot until ½ hour before sunrise, and not shoot ½ hour after sunset based on where they are within four established zones. Montana counties are grouped together into these zones and a single time is published for each zone. Given the extensive size of the state, the actual sunrise/sunset time can vary widely even within a single zone, costing hunters time and opportunity. Currently, FWP publishes sunrise/sunset tables in its big game regulation publication for hunters use to ensure their hunts take place during legal shooting hours.  More Details.